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We are proud to announce that Highlands Foot & Ankle is now using ankle implants (pictured left).

Nearly 6.5 million Americans suffer from ankle arthritis.

Arthritis is the inflammation & swelling of the cartilage & lining of the joints, generally accompanied by an increase in the fluid in the joints. The damaged cartilage causes the bones to grind on each other with movement. Arthritis can negatively affect the structure and function of the feet.

What is an Ankle Implant?

An ankle replacement is a surgical procedure where a prosthetic replaces the damaged cartilage and bone of the ankle. At Highlands Foot & Ankle, we use a device composed of titanium and cobalt chrome metals with a layer of polyethylene in between to prevent friction within the joint. The goal of the ankle implant is to reduce pain and maintain motion of the ankle.

When is an Ankle Implant Used?

The ankle implant is a fast growing option for patients enduring chronic ankle arthritis pain. This is a better alternative to an ankle fusion, where ankle motion is more limited. Surgery can become an option after non-surgical treatments fail to improve arthritis.

Surgical Procedure

  • Surgery generally takes 2-3 hours to complete. You may be required to remain at the hospital for 1-3 days post-surgery.
  • Two incisions will be made, one on the front & one on the top of the ankle.
  • Worn cartilage will be removed to make room for the implant.
  • The ankle implant will then be inserted into the joint.

Am I a Candidate?

The doctors at Highlands Foot & Ankle will determine if you are a candidate for an ankle implant. A few things doctors will consider are:

  • Patient is healthy & non-diabetic.
  • Patient exhibits painful ankle arthritis & has failed to improve with treatment.
  • Patient displays adequate ankle skin coverage.
  • Patient has full muscle control of the foot & ankle.

How is Recovery?

Most patients can return to normal daily activities within two weeks. Full recovery can take up to several months. Physical therapy is a requirement to achieve full recovery.

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If you have any questions please feel free to schedule a consultation.