Today’s Podiatrist is a critical part of your diabetes care team.

Diabetes can have a significant impact on your feet, so seeing a podiatrist at least once a year is an important part of managing your condition and preventing complications. If you do experience a problem with your feet, your podiatrist is the best-qualified physician to treat it.

When you add a podiatrist to your health-care team, he or she can provide you with important information so you’re better able to manage the effects of diabetes on your feet. Whether you’ve been diagnosed recently or have been fighting the disease for years, the resources below will help you to monitor your feet and prevent complications.


  • An Overview: What is diabetes? What is peripheral arterial disease? What is peripheral neuropathy? What is a diabetic foot ulcer?
  • How Diabetes Affects Your Health: Watch this short video to learn how diabetes can affect your overall health.
  • Diabetes Footwear and Products: View our podiatrist-approved products for managing and treating diabetes.
  • Outsmarting Diabetes: Take a look at this suite of videos that highlights how today’s podiatrists are developing and using smart medicine to help their patients with diabetes.


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