What will happen on my visits for Anodyne Treatment with Highlands Foot & Ankle?

Once you have been in the office for an exam and evaluation with one of our doctors.  Anodyne Therapy is the treatment of choice, you will come to the office 2-3 times per week for treatments that last 15-30 minutes each.  The assistant will strap the Infra-Red pads to the location pre-determined by the doctor & you sit there for the treatment.  Plan to bring a book to read,  a magazine, or your cell phone to catch up on emails or social media or we can turn off the lights and you can take a nap, it’s all up to you.

Each month you will have one exam by the doctor to determine your success level and re-evaluate your progress. Depending on the treatment plan, you may be doing this for 3-4 months, sometime during these months you may be eligible for a home unit.

What is the cost of Anodyne Therapy?  All patients will have a $35 payment each visit, due at the time services are rendered in the office and when an exam is scheduled, you will have the $35 for treatment &  your regular deductible, copay & co-insurance amount for the exam. Simply, insurance does not cover the treatment & we only charge $35 per treatment.  But insurance will cover the exam(s).

After several treatments and a few doctor evaluations, a Home unit(s) can be purchased if the doctor approves and he will order via prescription.  All units are sold by Highlands Foot & Ankle, LLC which is not associated with the company we purchase from. The company we purchase from will have and we will provide their warranty and contact information for any product questions.  Home units are not covered by any insurance company at this time, although they are working on this process, it just takes years.  The average cost can range from a single (one area at a time unit) to bilateral such as what we use in the office.  $700 – $8000 dollars.  We do have payment plans to assist you in getting your home unit, provided it is doctor-recommended and approved.