Surgery with Highlands Foot & Ankle

The surgical coordinator will schedule all the needed appointments, contact your insurance company and mail or e-mail a surgical packet to your with all the information – All you need to do is make a decision on the surgery date, show up to all your appointments and follow the post operative instruction that your surgeon gives you.  That is it – it is that simple.

Once you choose a date that will work with your schedule (we will provide you with the dates your doctor does surgery’s).  Our surgical coordinator will then:
  • Schedule your Health History & Physical & required labs with your Primary Care Physician

  • Schedule the time & date with the hospital or surgical center

  • Schedule your 1st post-op visit with your surgeon

  • Contact your insurance company to get all referrals, authorizations and patient responsibility.   Nothing is written in stone with insurance companies but we try our best to come as close as possible with an accurate dollar amount.

  • Then we will mail or e-mail you the surgical packet with all the information needed for your surgery and pre-post operative care guidelines.

What is the cost of the surgery and how much will I owe?
  • There are at least 6 people / company’s involved in the cost of having a surgery.

    1. Your primary care physician

    2. The lab (pre-op labs are required before surgeries)

    3. The anesthesiologist

    4. Your surgeon

    5. The hospital or surgical center

    6. The supplies such as implants and DME


The cost varies depending on the type of surgery and equipment / implants needed. When our surgical coordinator calls your insurance company she knows all the codes and questions to ask. Together they will research your insurance policy and estimate as close as possible what your payment responsibility is.

All insurance plans are NOT created equal, your plan may require a deductible to be paid for out patient surgeries, or for the DME products. Or you might have a co-insurance plan but not a secondary insurance policy. All of theses are taken in consideration when your insurance company tells us what we are to collect. There is not any way of knowing, 100%, what your cost will be. After everyone has sent in their electronic claims, your insurance company will send you the Explanation Of Benefits or EOB about 7-10 days before they pay the bills. Only after that, will we all know the final cost. A statement will be sent to you for the remaining amount due - one from each company involved.