Established May 2017, we are the new kid on the block! At Highlands Foot & Ankle we are determined to stay up to date with the newest, greatest, and most effective ways to treat our patients.

Highlands Foot and Ankle, LLC is dedicated to provide the highest quality medical and surgical treatment for disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle. Our philosophy to ensure cutting edge knowledge and accelerate diversification with compassion and care is heavily based on tomorrow’s technologies. Dr. Sappington is devoted to furthering his education and is always researching new and better techniques and equipment to ensure that the patients at Highlands Foot & Ankle have the best possible medical care.

The success of our practice is attributed not only to the friendliness and excellence of our doctor and staff, but to their approach towards teamwork and treating patients of all ages as we welcome them into the family of Highlands Foot & Ankle, LLC.

Highlands Foot & Ankle treats patients of all ages, from newborn to geriatric! We offer medical and surgical treatment of many conditions of the foot and ankle, including achilles tendonitis, athlete’s foot, arch disorders, bunions, bone healing, birth defects, ingrown toenails, heel pain, hammertoes, gout, flatfoot, fractures, and much more! Click here to learn about some of the conditions we treat.

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