Established May 2017, we are the new kid on the block and are determined to stay up to date with the newest, greatest, & most effective way to treat our patients.

We are a very proud, dedicated, and well-rounded group at Highlands Foot & Ankle, which attributes to the success of our practice.  But that’s only part of the picture.  What makes us truly special is what goes on behind the scenes.  Teamwork and knowledge are not the only assets of our great staff.  There are plenty of personalities happening here!  The dynamic group of friendly and extremely funny individuals is creative in its own unique way.  This footprint makes for an interesting level of diversity.  This gives our employees a chance not only to explore new ideas, but also makes them transpire to insure this company is driven forward.

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Medical Receptionist

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Receptionist and Referral Clerk