P.L. (Dallas, TX)

“I suffered extreme pain in both my feet and hands. The pain was unrelenting, as I tried to rub or walk the pain away. I called my endocrinologist who sent me to a physical therapy facility where I received Anodyne Therapy treatments. I found almost immediate and complete alleviation of the pain. I now use my home Anodyne Therapy treatments  as a way to control the pain. Having a home unit is empowering because I know that I have a way to keep myself from this form of suffering.”

K.W. (Hampstead, NH)

“I use Anodyne Therapy 6-7 times a week and it has changed the pain in my feet more than tremendously! Prior to treatment, I cried everyday because the pain was so so bad. Burning – FIRE like pain, feeling like I was being sliced by a knife and more. Now there are actually times I have none of that at all. I thank God for Anodyne Therapy.”

J. F. (Broomfield, CO)

“Anodyne is truly an innovative therapy – especially for those of us who are quite opposed to drug therapy and their possible/probable side effects. Thanks to my initial 12 week Anodyne trial I am now sleeping most of the night and there is no doubt the burning pain in my feet has abated considerably. I’m confident that continuing Anodyne Therapy will be of benefit to me. I certainly owe the individual who recommended Anodyne to me a huge Thank You!”



Judy had the [bunion] surgery on an outpatient basis, and returned home that afternoon. Within a short time after that, she was wearing soft shoes again.  Dr. Sappington has made such a lasting impression on Judy that she recommends him to all her friends.

Avid 10K Runner

“This therapy is amazing. I had horrible pain, to the point I could barely bend over to tie my shoes. I tried heat wraps and creams, but nothing relieved the pain. After two treatments, I was a new person. Now my husband enjoys running with me & can almost run as fast.”


Marlow Jones

“My arches fell, I also had bunion pain. It only hit every once in a while, but when it did, it was sharp. When I was playing with the Ravens, I could be on the field, but after I ran a couple of plays, I had to sit down. Now I can do so much more than I could before, and my feet are like brand new. It’s like I’ve been born again. It’s not just because of what Dr. Sappington did for my bunions, he made the appearance of my feet a whole lot better also. I would recommend him to anyone. He was honest, and he really helped me.”