FirefighterBy the time Marlow Jones reached his late twenties, he had already put significant mileage on his feet. His career started in the military; after that, he spent a few years playing semi-pro football. He then began a career with the Petersburg fire fighting team. Eventually, his very active lifestyle had taken its toll. In 1995 he started experiencing problems.

“My arches fell,” says Marlow. “I also had bunion pain. It only hit every once in a while, but when it did, it was sharp. When I was playing with the Ravens, I could be on the field, but after I ran a couple of plays, I had to sit down.”

Marlow was looking through the newspaper one day when he ran across an article about David Sappington, D.P.M. who specializes in the treatment of bunions. A bunion occurs when an enlarged first toe joint causes the bones in the joint to become misaligned. Bunions can also cause further foot problems such as hammertoes, calluses and ingrown toenails.

Marlow called Dr. Sappington to set up his personal consultation. After the initial meeting, Dr. Sappington initiated a treatment plan specifically tailored to get Marlow back on his feet as quickly as possible.

“I can do so much more than I could before,” says Marlow. “And my feet are like brand new. It’s like I’ve been born again. It’s not just because of what he did for my bunions, he made the appearance of my feet a whole lot better also. I would recommend him to anyone. He was honest, and he really helped me.”

If you are experiencing any problem of the foot, Dr. Sappington at New Age Foot and Ankle Surgery can help.

10K“This therapy is amazing. I had horrible pain, to the point I could barely bend over to tie my shoes. I tried heat wraps and creams, but nothing relieved the pain. After two treatments, I was a new person. Now my husband enjoys running with me & can almost run as fast.”

After six months of struggling to participate in daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs, Judy decided to go see a doctor. She immediately made an appointment to see David Sappington, D.P.M. after reading about him in the newspaper. She was impressed by the fact that he has performed over 1,000 bunion surgeries and that he uses advanced procedures for faster recovery.

During the initial appointment, Dr. Sappington took an X-Ray of Judy’s foot. He identified the problem and answered all of her questions. He then went over the procedure he would use to correct her bunion and scheduled a date for surgery.

She had the surgery on an outpatient basis, and returned home that afternoon. Within a short time after that, she was wearing soft shoes again.

Dr. Sappington has made such a lasting impression on Judy that she recommends him to all her friends.